Elena Putina, singer, performer, author of the idea and artistic director of the international project “Our romance. Dialogue of Cultures “, Chairman of the public organization «Romance Music Association»(Finland).

Elena Putina was born in Leningrad. She graduated from a special music school for gifted children at the St. Petersburg Conservatory named by N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov. Among the well-known graduates of the school are Vladimir Spivakov, Yury Temirkanov, Maris Jansons, Sergei Stadler and many other truly outstanding personalities. Further professional education as a pianist and singer Elena received in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Having started her solo career, she quickly broke into the stage and achieved wide recognition. She was a soloist of the LenConcert and successfully toured around the country. Elena acted on the best stages, took part in the most famous television and radio programs. She performed with her ensemble and ballet group.

Since 1989, Elena permanently resides in Finland. In 1993, she has initiated the creation of a musical ensemble “Romantika”, which was extremely popular in Finland. The ensemble presented its own original interpretation of Slavic music. The ensemble successfully toured in Finland, Russia, Germany, France and other countries, performed at government concerts and summits. Annually Elena’s solo concerts and her ensemble’s that of were broadcasted on national television “YLE”. Elena’s great creative activity aroused great interest in Finnish society, and in 1994 on the national television of Finland “YLE” a documentary about Elena Putina was published, which was called “Life with Elena”.

Elena Putina cooperates with leading performers, composers, and orchestras of Russia and Finland. In 2002, together with the ensemble “Romance” Elena went to a song contest in St. Petersburg, where she received the status of laureate of the first prize of the contest “Spring of the Romance” for the performance of the song “My Petersburg”. Music for the song was composed by the famous Finnish composer and musician Kari Litmanen. In Finland, Elena released several CDs as a performer of romances.

In the early 2000s, Elena Putina founded her own musical project “Our Romance. Dialogue of Cultures, which during 15 years has grown into the largest international project of Russia and Finland and is invariably supported by the governments of both countries. The aim of the project is to promote contacts and international cooperation in the cultural, economic and social spheres. Along with cultural events in the framework of the project “Our Romance. Dialogue of Cultures» every year business forums are organized at the highest level, gathering representatives   of business,culture and politics. The project “Our Romance” is implemented by the Finnish public organization “Romance Music Association”, whose chairman and founder is Elena Putina. Gradually, the project “Our Romance” expands its geography. During the recent years it joined Estonia, Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands.